Photography and video


 At Kronos Investigations Group our photography and video specialists knows how to use photography and video to expertly capture facial expressions, body language and individual demeanor, thereby providing you with an additional, persuasive tool in your case when an interview alone is not enough.

Video Deposition

Our videographers can help demonstrate the direct impact of events on a person’s life as a result of his or her experience or injury.  A video can also give you the opportunity to see how your client will react under questioning, thereby assisting you in helping them to prepare.

Injury and Evidence

Photographs and videos taken of an accident scene, or of the resulting physical damage can increase the credibility and financial value of your client’s claim, as well as help prove liability for damages.  Our professionals can provide you with these invaluable visual tools.

Day in the Life

We produce “day-in-the-life” videos which can help you demonstrate the extent to which your client’s injury has affected their daily life.  Whether the individual has suffered paralysis, or any other disabling injury, we can produce a video to depict not only the abilities your client has lost, but also any assistance they may now require.